Gas safe, plumber, Boiler service, boiler repair, boiler replacement, bathroom fitting, installations
Gas safe, plumber, Boiler service, boiler repair, boiler replacement, bathroom fitting, installations
Chapman Plumbers and Heating Engineers, Boiler servicing Boiler repair and replacement, Powerflushing, Gas engineers
Chapman Plumbers and Heating Engineers, Boiler servicingBoiler repair and replacement, Powerflushing, Gas engineers

Commercial Boiler Engineer 

What makes an engineer capable to work on your commercial heating system? 


Although domestic gas engineers, plumbers and installers are fairly common a commercial engineer requires more qualifications and crucially relevant experience to undertake the work on any commercial gas appliance. 


There are several rules to follow when looking at whether you need a domestic or commercial boiler engineer, the most commonly known is that the appliance must be below 70kw for any domestic boiler engineer to work on it.  This is fixed upper limit with no wiggle room on an individual appliance, some domestic installers will happily work on larger units if the total does not exceed 70kw. 


Other rules that can indicate a that you need a commercial plumber are; 


- Is any part of the gas supply pipe larger than 35mm?  

- The gas installation volume exceed 0.035m3?  

- Is the combined total of gas appliance where a wall is shared for the flues) greater than 70kw net input? 

- Are any of the appliances considered by the manufacturer as commercial?  

- Is the gas meter capacity larger than 6m3/h?  


These might be difficult for you as the property owner to ascertain, advice can be sought from the Gas Safe Register.  Alternatively, the list can give you pertinent information to put to any professional working on the system. 


Be aware that if the operative hired is not legally qualified to work on the gas appliances then it could invalidate insurance, create a dangerous situation and encourage quicker failure of the equipment. 


A good commercial boiler engineer will be experienced and capable, commercial heating systems are often very similar to modern domestic heating systems but once the property has a dedicated plant room it would be out of the comfort zone of a normal domestic plumber. 


A commercial plumber or commercial boiler engineer will work on large gas and oil boilers, large gas or oil heaters for warehouses or any other large appliance in churches, schools and offices. 


Chapman plumbers are based in Aldershot which conveniently gives us easy access to Fleet, Farnborough, Farnham and Camberley.  We are happy working outside our local area for larger contracts, some of our customers are based in South and West London as well as Reading and Southampton. 

If you are outside these areas please look on the GasSafe Register website for your local installer.

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