Gas safe, plumber, Boiler service, boiler repair, boiler replacement, bathroom fitting, installations
Gas safe, plumber, Boiler service, boiler repair, boiler replacement, bathroom fitting, installations
Chapman Plumbers and Heating Engineers, Boiler servicing Boiler repair and replacement, Powerflushing, Gas engineers
Chapman Plumbers and Heating Engineers, Boiler servicingBoiler repair and replacement, Powerflushing, Gas engineers

Boiler Servicing and Repair in Farnham, GU9


Use Chapman Gas Safe Plumbers for any Gas Boiler Servicing, repairs or replacements in Farnham and the GU9 Area for both domestic and commercial systems. You won't be disappointed! 

Chapman plumbers and heating engineers are a friendly, family run plumbing and heating company. Our plumbers and gas engineers deal with anything from gas boiler repair, boiler servicing, boiler replacement, to central heating installation.


Boiler Replacement


We have a high level of experience in heating system design and installation. So much so that Adam the director has taught heating system design at many CPD events across the country. We offer all brands but have a preference toward Viessmann and Vaillant, the main reason for this being the durability of stainless steel heat exchangers. Aluminum heat exchangers like Worcester have a much more specific PH tolerance and are a dissimilar metal to the radiators, leading to electrolytic corrosion. Another consideration that should be made when replacing a boiler is boiler type, a combination boiler (combi) could be sensible as you lose less heat from your hot water store when you aren't using it, however these can only provide a limited flow rate, and typically only serve 1 shower, or two if not ever being used simultaneously. In reality, there are many different factors to look at when choosing a boiler, but the main advise we would give is to not take the decision lightly, get a free quotation from up to 3 different engineers from 3 sources and get there advice, which again, usually comes free. We offer free quotations and verbal advice so why not get in touch and we can advise you on your options even if you don't use our service.



Boiler Repair and Service


Boiler servicing is key to minimise repair costs clearly, but what most customers don't know is that there are wildly different servicing standards. They broadly fall into two groups, a 'poke and go', and a full strip down service. The first type, poke and go, the engineer will place a Flue Gs analyzer probe into the flue and test the emissions. This will test if the boiler is dangerous or not, and may give an indication towards efficiency of the combustion (not of the whole system). This will usually take about 10 minutes if completed with some other basic checks and not provide any preventative maintenance. A full strip down service consists of removing the burner and cleaning out the heat exchanger to ensure best heat transfer, as well as checking deeper components within the boiler need replacing or not. For some older boilers, a full strip down service is not practical and can also lead to breakage of seals that can no longer be sourced, and it is not particularly needed every year, we suggest every other year. But if you are receiving a 'poke and go' type service every year, we would certainly question the value you were receiving.


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