Gas safe, plumber, Boiler service, boiler repair, boiler replacement, bathroom fitting, installations
Gas safe, plumber, Boiler service, boiler repair, boiler replacement, bathroom fitting, installations
Chapman Plumbers and Heating Engineers, Boiler servicing Boiler repair and replacement, Powerflushing, Gas engineers
Chapman Plumbers and Heating Engineers, Boiler servicingBoiler repair and replacement, Powerflushing, Gas engineers

Central Heating Installation and Powerflushing in Farnham GU9

Chapman Plumbers and Heating Engineers are here to install, service and powerflush your heating system in Farnham GU9 be it a small flat or commercial system.


Whether to power flush a heating system or not, particularly when replacing a boiler ha no panacea. Often we see customers that have paid for a power flush when they have replaced their boiler because either their engineer incorrectly believes that its a requirement of an installation, or that they wanted to upsell. The only requirement of any boiler installation for warranty purposes is that the system fill water is clean and conforms to standards. If your system has no dirt why would it need one? There are symptoms that your boiler can exhibit that may make your self or an engineer believe you need a power flush, for example, kettling noises from the boiler, or lack of flow temperature. However, these are more likely to be a scaled heat exchanger. this is where limescale has baked on to the heat exchanger of the boiler and requires a different process altogether, and more often then not is more practical to just replace the boiler. 


The easiest way of checking is a visual inspection, just take a good amount of water out of the system and visually inspecting for lumps and colour. Clear or slightly grey water is typically OK, darker would suggest a flush is required. However, there are many different types of flush. A powerflsuh, chemical flush, mains flush, hot flush, all of the latter being much cheaper than a powerflush.


A  powerflsuh; To connect a machine that produces high flow, low-pressure circulation around the system in order to sweep out the solids within the system,


Chemical flush; To fill the system with a chemical cleaner and circulate the system water when hot. This in theory dissolves and lifts the dirt, the system is then emptied a min of 2 hours later and max of 1 week later, then refilled with fresh non-fouled water. It is sometimes appropriate to fill and drain again.


Mains flush; On a sealed system you can fill the system while simultaneously draining in order to sweep and flush the dirt out. This can, and often does (The pressure is high Farnhamham typically) give better flow and pressure than a power flush. However can be a little wasteful with water.


Hot flush; Simply to heat up the system, (you can add a cleaner, and dump the water out.

All of the above are absolutely viable ways, which you require is normally assessed on a case by case basis, we would advise a call for a free consultation before offering money to someone for an expensive powerflush.


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