Gas safe, plumber, Boiler service, boiler repair, boiler replacement, bathroom fitting, installations
Gas safe, plumber, Boiler service, boiler repair, boiler replacement, bathroom fitting, installations
Chapman Plumbers and Heating Engineers, Boiler servicing Boiler repair and replacement, Powerflushing, Gas engineers
Chapman Plumbers and Heating Engineers, Boiler servicingBoiler repair and replacement, Powerflushing, Gas engineers


We are a proud member of Ecotechnicians, a not for profit cooperative of engineers based all over the UK, who focus on higher standards within the industry and particularly the effective use of modulating controls on boilers.

The heating industry within the UK has fallen far behind our European counterpart in terms of both standards and the adoption of technology. Ecotechnicians seeks to address this by providing continuous CPD for all its members and provide peer support for new tech, making sure the customer gets the most out of what new technology can achieve.

Heating strategies such as weather compensation have been standard practice for the last 30 years in countries such as Germany who made it mandatory in 1985. This is because they recognised the benefits it brought through added efficiency, and prolonging the life of the system and its components. However, training in the UK for this sort of thing is few and far between meaning the take up is almost non-existent.


Why Use an Ecotechnician over any other engineer to work on my heating?


All Ecotechnicians are vetted to ensure they work to high technical standards and conduct themselves in a professional way. They are requested to attend regular CPD even

ts to ensure they are at the top of their game and can offer the customer the best solution currently available.

The main areas Ecotechnicians focuses on are

  • Condensing technology
  • Modulating controls
  • Heating system water treatment
  • System design and its importance
  • System material and product quality


By understanding these areas and implementing best practices for each situation you can be assured you will have an installation that maximises its longevity, comfort and efficiency. By choosing an Ecotechnician you can also be assured you have chosen an engineer that takes his job seriously, understands the benefits and how to implement modern technology with ease of use in mind, and who conducts his business in a respectful way.

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